Communication--A Circumspection by Wg Cdr Nb Nair (Retd)
Communication--A Circumspection
Author: Wg Cdr Nb Nair (Retd)
Page Count: 152 pages
Published Date: 18 Sep 2015
Publisher: Partridge India
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781482857078
File size: 12 Mb
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Communication forms important ingredient for the very existence of living things. It takes place automatically, without the consent of anybody. The history of evolution and development of communication is the same as that of human civilization. The advent and existence of both of these have been more accidental than designed by anyone; they have been developed through gradual natural organic processes slowly and steadily over many a millennium. Thus they are self-created and developed, and it is communication that did design, foster, transform, culture and perpetuate societies as a catalyst would do. Communication can be oral as well as written. Both of them form two arms of communication. His fairly long experience as a Senior Officer of the Indian Air Force has encouraged him to muse about communicative system being followed in the Military Organizations. The two topics, "A Canine Perspective" and "A Speaking Bed," appearing in Part IV of the book, with their thought-provoking potential, would instil implosion of interest in the minds of his enlightened readers. They are on autobiographical mode. He has effected a thorough revision of his own book. He has added some new dimensions related to communication, viz, language and pronunciation. His critical vision is very well apparent in his writings. He is quite humorous as well as satirical at times. As a whole, the book can very well be thought of as a wholesome mini-compendium of information on Communication. The book shall surely be of great help to one-and-all, especially to fresher students of Management.

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